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    Code: SilibaseAG-2848
    Photo Reference:
    Application: Spray Adjuvant Surfactant for Agricultural
    Chemical Name of SilibaseAG-2848 Spray Adjuvant Surfactant: Polyether-modified polysiloxane
    Active Content percent: 100%
    鈼?nbsp;Appearance: Clear, little yellow liquid
    鈼?nbsp;Cloud Point (0.1 wt%) : 锛?0鈩?/p>
    鈼?nbsp;Refractive index at 25鈩? 1.440-1.450
    鈼?nbsp;Freezing point:
    鈼?nbsp;Viscosity at 25鈩?(77OF): 20-60 cSt
    鈼?nbsp;Surface tension (0.1% aq.): 20-22mN/m
    Packaging Types: according to your demand.
    Term of validity: 24 months or longer as long as it is good after your test before using.
    Stability of SilibaseAG-2848 Spray Adjuvant Surfactant:
    SilibaseAG-2848 Spray Adjuvant Surfactant can be stable in neutral aqueous solution (PH value of 6.5锝?.5) for a long time. If the PH value is 5, it will degrade to half of the value after a week. If the PH value is 3, it will degrade to 0.1% of the original value after 24 hours. Similarly, the hydrolysis of trisiloxane is obvious in alkaline environment. As an agricultural addictive, SilibaseAG-2848 Spray Adjuvant Surfactant must be added before spray to achieve the hydrolysis of silicone. Its hydrolyze ability and having no residual is an important advantage from the angle of environment protection.
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